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Web Programming Step by Step
by Marty Stepp, Jessica Miller, and Victoria Kirst

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Why Do We Use Self-Publishing?

We have chosen to publish our book using Lulu, an independent self-publishing company. Our book still has an ISBN and can still be ordered by most university bookstores, but it must be ordered through and not through other online retailers such as Amazon. Why did we choose to publish this way rather than through one of the major publishers such as Addison Wesley, Prentice Hall, Wiley, McGraw Hill, etc.? Here are some of the benefits, to us and to you:

Working with an independent publisher is not without its negative aspects. We still fully respect the larger publishing companies and don't discount the value they have in the process of creating, marketing, and selling a textbook. In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, here are some of the drawbacks of the fact that we have published our textbook via Lulu:

We know that the above issues can make things more difficult. Overall we have decided that what we value the most is being able to independently produce exactly the book we want to write, and sell it to you directly at what we feel is a reasonable price in this era of skyrocketing textbook prices. If there is anything that we can do to help accommodate you and your students, or if you have any feedback for us about Lulu or your experiences ordering from them, please don't hesitate to contact us. Many thanks.

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