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Web Programming Step by Step
by Marty Stepp, Jessica Miller, and Victoria Kirst

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References, Second Edition

This page lists every link and reference that is included at the end of each chapter of the textbook. We hope it will give you a convenient way to check out the references from the book without having to type them in manually. Special thanks to Ewout B. from the Netherlands, who suggested the idea of this page!

Chapter 1: The Internet and WWW

Chapter 2: HTML Basics

Chapter 3: CSS for Styling

Chapter 4: Page Layout

Chapter 5: PHP for Server-Side Programming

Chapter 6: Forms

Chapter 7: Web Design

Chapter 8: JavaScript

Chapter 9: The Document Object Model (DOM)

Chapter 10: Prototype and Scriptaculous

Chapter 11: Events

Chapter 12: Ajax, XML, and JSON

Chapter 13: Relational Databases and SQL

Chapter 14: Cookies and Sessions

Chapter 15: Web Security

Chapter 16: Going Live: Creating/Launching a Website

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