Web Programming Step by Step, 2nd Edition

Lecture 6: Intro to PHP

Reading: 5.1 - 5.2

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5.1: Server-Side Basics

URLs and web servers


Server-Side web programming

php jsp ruby on rails asp.net

What is PHP?

PHP logo

Lifecycle of a PHP web request

PHP server

Why PHP?

There are many other options for server-side languages: Ruby on Rails, JSP, ASP.NET, etc. Why choose PHP?

Hello, World!

The following contents could go into a file hello.php:

print "Hello, world!";
Hello, world!

Viewing PHP output

PHP local output PHP server output

5.2: PHP Basic Syntax

Console output: print

print "text";
print "Hello, World!\n";
print "Escape \"chars\" are the SAME as in Java!\n";

print "You can have
line breaks in a string.";

print 'A string can use "single-quotes".  It\'s cool!';
Hello, World! Escape "chars" are the SAME as in Java! You can have line breaks in a string. A string can use "single-quotes". It's cool!

Arithmetic operators


$name = expression;
$user_name = "PinkHeartLuvr78";
$age = 16;
$drinking_age = $age + 5;
$this_class_rocks = TRUE;



# single-line comment

// single-line comment

multi-line comment

for loop

for (initialization; condition; update) {
for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) {
	print "$i squared is " . $i * $i . ".\n";

if/else statement

if (condition) {
} elseif (condition) {
} else {

while loop (same as Java)

while (condition) {
do {
} while (condition);